OPBM04 Optical Multiplexer Profibus/RS485

OPBM01 The OPBM04 optical multiplexer Profibus/RS485
is designed for use in optical fieldbus networks.
It allows conversion of up to 4 electrical Profibus/
RS485 interfaces into one or two optical ones and
vice versa.
The use of an intermediate FSK Profibus modem
of type PBM01 even allows connecting the
OPBM04 to Profibus FSK networks.
Thus, the module can be integrated into existing
Profibus fieldbus networks or devices with RS485
interface, offering the advantages of the optical
transmission technology such as insensitivity to
EMC and high transmission range.
Likewise, a complete Profibus/RS485 network
can be configured with the modules in a linear,
star or ring topology as well as any combination
of these topologies.
To increase the reliability of the fieldbus network in
case of failure, the OPBM04 supports designing
redundant rings.
The OPBM04 has two optical ports and four
electrical (RS485) ports.

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