Telephone iVT3

  • Intrinsically safe analogue telephone with dual-tone multifre-quency
  • Category / Type of protection I M1 EEx ia I
  • Variable energy supply through: - Battery module (15 Ah)
    - Local supply with buffering through NiCd rechargeable battery
      module (0.5 Ah)
  • Display for operating support and simple setting by the operator of
    all important parameters (German/English)
  • Access/locks through PIN
  • 5 menu function keys in the display
  • Calling from telephone book
  • Last number redial
  • Loudspeaker key
    • Make a phone call without lifting the handset
    • handsfree
    • Listening-in when the handset is off the hook
    • open listening
    • Terminal function
  • Disconnect key (clearing key)
    - Begin a new call without putting back the handset
  • R key (flash) for call forwarding
  • Two independent, potential-free opto-couplers
    – contact out-puts for actuation of additional, acoustic or optical signalling
       devices (call (ringing) / alarm call)
  • Output for ringing indicator (blink lamp iBL1)
  • In combination with the telephone couplers this results in a completely
    intrinsically safe feature, alarm and emergency call telephone, as well as a
    shaft (local battery) telephone

Product description PI
Manual BA
ATEX certificate ATEX