LV30 speaking station

  • Connection via terminal strip
  • Reliable intercommunication and signalling
    at high volume
  • Emergency operation (intercommunication)
    in case of mains failure by means of storage
    batteries installed in each LV30 FTS
  • Rechargeable NiMH battery (8.4V / 200MmAh)
  • Connection of DC wires: protected against
    polarity reversal
  • Connection of WL wires: protected against
    polarity reversal
The electronics module LV30 FTS is used e.g.
in control desks and control cabinets for
signalling or communication.
The connections of the electronics module are
routed to a terminal strip which enables the
further wiring.
Connection of a microphone and the related
talk key to the terminals of the electronics
module LV30 FTS is possible.
The microphone is activated by pressing the talk key.
The downstream connected microphone
amplifier boosts the signals recorded via the
microphone to such an extent that afterwards
they are input into the WL (LF)-wire pair at a
nominal level of -6dB.
A potentiometer installed right beside the
connecting terminals allows varying the
microphone sensitivity.
In assupplied condition, this potentiometer is
set to the centre position.

Product description