Mobile Radio MR90

RF Receiver HFE 27 / 35

HFE27/35 The RF receiver Type HFE.. is part of
the intrinsically safe underground
radio system MR90 and it is used for
demodulation of frequency modulated
receive signals.
The HFE 27 is a frequency modulated
RF receiver with a receive frequency
range of 26.5 to 27.5 MHz. There are
21 receive channels selectable. The
channel spacing is 50kHz.
The HFE 35 is also a frequency modulated
RF receiver. Both receivers are in
principle equal in mechanical and
electrical construction. The receiver
circuit is redesigned merely for an
operation in the 35 MHz band. Here
are also 21 receive channels selectable
with a channel spacing of also 50 kHz.

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