Analog input unit Z51-AE251 (8-bit res.)

Z51-AE251 The analog input unit of type Z51-AE251 is used to acquire 2
analog process signals (either current or frequency measurement).
Depending on the set operating mode, the two analog values can
be acquired as 5 15 Hz or 4.5 15.5 Hz frequency signal or
as 0 20 mA or 4 20 mA current value.
The operating mode is set at two DIP switches and is effective
for both inputs.
Thus, the analog input unit of type Z51-AE251 (8 bit resolution)
can be utilized as replacement for types Z51-AE25 (0 20mA),
Z51-AE29 (4 20mA) and Z51-AE241 (5 15Hz).
The frequency inputs and the current inputs are galvanically iso-
lated from each other and from the ZM51IO bus connection.

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