Bus connector Z51-BV11

Z51-BV11 The bus connector module Z51-BV11 features
two 20-pin plug connections (header connectors)
for the flat ribbon cable 8000A9x of the type
Z51 I/O bus connector.
The bus connector module is used as a means
to horizontally / vertically route or deflect the
20-wire type Z51 I/O bus connection in a tele-
control and automation station of type
Z51-iST3** (BVS 03 ATEX E 305).
For this purpose, the module has two 20-pin
header connectors, one fitted in a horizontal and
one fitted in a vertical position.
Access to both header connectors is possible
through corresponding cutouts in the module
It shall be observed that max. 8 I/O module add-
resses may be assigned to each CPU (Z51-ZM12,
Z51K-2113, Z51-PBC01).
In the case of CPU Z51-ZM20-1 which has two
I/O bus connections, 8 I/O module addresses can
be assigned to each I/O bus connection.

Product information